Transportation Management Centre of BC

bbp transportation management centre exterior

Merrick Architecture


Coquitlam, BC


Transportation and Commercial




7,500 m²





Built in conjunction with the new Port Mann Bridge, the Transportation Management Centre of BC consolidates multiple complex transportation logistics programs into a single elegant building, while also showcasing innovation in timber construction.

This four-storey office building houses the Port Mann Bridge tolling operations centre and the provincial Transportation Management and Emergency Response Centre facility. The LEED Gold-certified building is also designed to post-disaster standards to ensure its viability for years to come.

The predominantly concrete structure is accented with feature timber roofs and sunshade elements as a showcase for the province’s Wood First Program. This initiative promotes the use of value-added wood products and encourages innovation in design, manufacturing, and construction. The facility’s dramatic sloped timber roof structure covers the west half of the building and is supported by slender exterior glulam columns. In addition to the roof, solar heat gain is mitigated by timber shading devices including sunshades, eyebrows, and trellises. As the building is located on a soft soil site adjacent to the Fraser River, long term settlement and seismic liquefaction also be addressed. The project also included a 2000 m2 tolling facility on the Surrey side of the bridge which is constructed from mass timber CLT panels—one of the first uses of CLT in BC.

This cutting-edge building functions as the nerve centre for BC’s road, weather, and traffic information, and provides critical information for drivers to plan their trips safely and efficiently.

Project Images

bbp transportation management centre entrance
bbp transportation management centre exterior 2
bbp transportation management centre terrace
bbp transportation management centre stairwell