Science World Renewal

bbp science world exterior



Vancouver, BC


Civic + Cultural




6,500 m²



Science World’s existing geodesic dome was built as Expo Centre for the Expo 86 World’s Fair held in Vancouver, BC. The building was then repurposed in 1987 as a science centre, becoming Science World in 1989.

Bush, Bohlman has been involved with Science World from the Expo Centre conversion, through to the renewal and addition of the Ken Spencer Science Park in 2012 to present. The renewal included a seismic assessment of the existing structure and a seismic upgrade of the existing marine structure. As part of the renewal a new addition was added to the west side of the structure, which includes a bolted endplate moment frame structure with a 7-metre high exhibit floor and a rooftop patio. The Ken Spencer Science Park features a  wood-frame stage structure, a steel enclosure for the Tower of Bauble, a reinforced concrete fence and foundations for all exhibits and signage. Science World is one of Vancouver’s most iconic and beloved landmarks.

Project Images

bbp science world night exterior
bbp science world aerial
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