Nichol Place Assisted Living

bbp nichol place full exterior

Station One Architects


Surrey, BC


Commercial, Residential




2,480 m²



An assisted living centre for adults living with mental health challenges is designed using various timber framing solutions.

Nichol Place is a new three-story, 48-bed facility in Surrey, British Columbia. The 2,480-square-metre building provides residents with high-quality living accommodations and a support network of amenities and services. Dining and lounge facilities are located on the ground floor in addition to a commercial kitchen and administration offices. The building and its communal spaces have a strong connection to the natural environment, including adjacent Bear Creek Park. Open floor plans and double-height spaces are achieved through specialized structural systems that include pre-engineered roof trusses and deep glulam beams to transfer loads across long spans. Conventional wood-framed bearing walls and TJI floor joists account for the other primary structural components.

Project Images

bbp nichol place lounge/common area
bbp nichol place fireplace
bbp nichol place exterior
bbp nichol place entrance